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We are an award-winning field marketing agency with a proven track record of increasing our clients’ sales, retail presence and brand awareness, achieved through merchandising, auditing, mystery shopping and other field marketing services, with our outsourced sales teams trained specifically for every campaign.

What Cosine UK does

Whether you need a merchandising or sampling campaign, a bespoke sales team to sell products and services, or tailored training for staff members, our philosophy is the same - to continually generate exceptional sales results for our clients. Our Data Led approach combines our business intelligence with market, retailer and consumer insights to develop and manage optimised field sales campaigns that are proven to drive excellent results.

Part of the Cosine Group and backed by Omnicom, working with Cosine you can be assured of the quality you'd expect from a global company matched by the passion, drive and flexibility of a small dynamic agency.

You can be sure that we have the right field sales / marketing a solution to deliver your objectives and increase your sales. Take a look at our services pages to find out more about what we do or pick up to phone to talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

The end of contract salesforces?

The end of contract salesforces?

Many of the brands jostling for sales execution success in the UK’s top four grocers are still using a broad-brushstroke traditional approach to field sales. While it may feel less painful in the short term to stick with the same sales technique, these brands are ignoring two pressing issues that could affect their business in the future.

Our own data insights at Cosine reveal some astonishing figures – that broadly 30% of stores are non-compliant on day 1, meaning that the NPD or promotional compliance focused calls into 70% of stores is wasted; and also that a massive 80% of incremental sales often come from just 40% of stores.

So what does this mean for brands and their agencies?

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