Environmental Policy

At Cosine we realise that operating a Field Sales business does take its toll on the environment and that’s why we are actively looking at and implementing ways to reduce our impact by being greener in our approach.

We are CarbonNeutral®

We are CarbonNeutral®

Cosine UK reduced its CO2 emissions to net zero in accordance with The CarbonNeutral® Protocol.
As a result, we are among the first if not the first UK Field Marketing Agency to achieve CarbonNeutral® status as verified by an independent organisation.

FSB Green Award - Runner Up

Runners Up for The Green Award

We’re really proud to have been named as runners up for the FSB Buckinghamshire Green Award 2013

It’s really great to have been recognised for our dedication to lowering our emissions and becoming Carbon Neutral by the FSB. Click here to see more about the awards.

Staff Engagement Energy Reduction Transport Transport Recycling Printing Carbon Off-Setting Sourcing

It’s up to us

We are looking at every area of our business to see how we can reduce or off-set our carbon dioxide emissions and empower staff to look at sustaining business resources, in order to reduce cost and generate efficient working practices.

We are focusing on seven areas of activity and challenging our ways of working; big and small ideas are being worked on to make a difference:

  • Staff Engagement and Communication
  • Energy Reduction
  • Transport
  • Landfill/Recycling
  • Printing and Stationary
  • Carbon Off-Setting
  • Sourcing

Staff engagement and Communication

  • Green Week is an office based event which we run every year. We host a full week of ‘green’ activities to educate our staff on ideas for how we can work and live in a more sustainable way and reduce our co2 emissions.
  • We actively encourage our staff to be greener everyday through posters and artwork dotted around the office promoting our green pledges and our mission statement.

Energy Reduction

  • In 2012 we installed timers on our office water heater which now shuts off from 7pm and 7am.
  • Our ‘eye of the owner’ policy reminds staff to switch off lights and power sockets when not required.


We have introduced a number of things to encourage staff to cycle to work:

  • Cycle racks have been installed.
  • Staff can claim a cycling insurance subsidy.
  • We have introduced a tax free cycle to work scheme where staff can use a bike up to value of £1,000 for commuting to work.

We have introduced a number of incentives to reduce the number of staff using cars to get to and from work:

  • A car share scheme offers staff preferential parking spaces in the office car park.
  • We promote car sharing at lunch times to local shops.
  • We have introduced a public transport subsidy for commuting to the Sales Support Centre.
  • We are working on reducing the number of field team meetings and conferences by using alternative methods to communicate with our sales teams. Audio and video conferencing is being used as an alternative method to cascade information and on-line training tools are being used as a substitute for face-to-face training.
  • Our target is to reduce business mileage per vehicle by 5% annually.

Each of our business units have a channel specific green action plan to reduce the number of meetings which require travel and to ensure these meetings minimise car travel requirements.


  • We now recycle 50% of our waste through coloured recycling bins around the office. We recycle almost everything that is recyclable. We don’t use any brown envelopes due to recycling issues with some local authorities and all of our paper hand towels are now recycled.
  • Our printer cartridges are recycled and we have a facility to recycle old mobile phones.

Printing & Stationery

We have set guidelines which are enabling us to reduce print usage:

  • Our default is to print doubled sided on all black & white printing and we advocate printing in handout/booklet styles to save paper.
  • We promote the concept of ‘Think Before You Print” to avoid unnecessary printing e.g. blank pages, e-mail footers etc.
  • The paper we source is all FSC approved or made of 75% recycled materials.
  • Our default envelopes are now A5 rather than A4 to reduce material used and costs.
  • We are also introducing printing to A5 paper rather than A4 to work towards reducing our paper usage & costs.

Carbon Off-Setting

  • We track all of our significant carbon emissions; car and air travel and electricity, and we have taken the step to be evaluated by an independent accredited Carbon Neutral company.
  • Over the last two years we have organised tree planting activities which have helped us to off-set all of our Sales Support Centre (H.O.) electricity related emissions.
  • We off-set 64 tonnes in 2010 and 45 tonnes in 2011, a much reduced amount due to staff engagement as a result of our green events and raised awareness in the office.


  • We are reviewing all of our suppliers and contracts based on carbon neutral status.
  • All of our kitchen cleaning products are eco-friendly and all of our refreshments are fair trade or sustainably sourced, where possible.
  • Our office supplies company (Office Depot) is accredited via the FSC and holds a number of green credentials.
  • Our new fleet cars going forwards are low emission cars and have high fuel efficiency.