How we do it

At Cosine we’re passionate about delivering fantastic results for our clients, whether that is generating increased sales, training retail staff or driving awareness of your brands in retail. But fantastic results don’t just happen as a result of the final customer interaction; we have to be in the right place, at the right time and talking about the right things to influence people’s actions.

Insight Led Sales

This is where our Insight Led Sales approach really makes a difference to the quality and effectiveness of our campaigns. Many field marketing agencies use data solely as a final summary tool, but our dynamic and connected approach to using insight and data means that it’s used end-to-end in our field sales and marketing strategies. We use market and shopper research and EPOS data to design optimised field marketing campaigns which direct our sales people to be in the venues that offer the most opportunity to generate the most impact and engagement. That’s why our campaigns deliver such strong ROI for our clients.

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