Who we are

Our business is people and nothing is more important to us than the welfare, development and happiness of everyone who is proud to say they work at Cosine.


We work in a people business so it’s important that we can attract and retain the very best talent. We’re proud of the dynamic and talented team we have at Cosine and we take our responsibility to develop them seriously. Our Investors in People status demonstrates our dedication to staff and training and the importance we place on continuously improving the quality of our most valuable resource.

It’s the experience, passion and drive of our people that has driven us from being a start-up business in 2005 to the award-winning business it is today.


Cosine DNAAt Cosine we have the right skills and attitudes to succeed. We are smart thinkers with the experience to know what works and the right skills and capabilities to do a fantastic job, but what really makes us stand out above the rest is our attitude. We put our heart and soul into everything we do, pulling together to do a great job for our clients and constantly challenging ourselves to do bigger and better things, even if they sometimes seem a bit daunting! These qualities make up our DNA. Our people helped to create the words we use to describe our DNA, and we measure people against the standards so we know that it lives throughout the business.

Involvement is really important to us and we have a number of cross company groups that help us to live by our DNA. The Comet Team reward success through our Comet scheme which recognises people who’ve done a brilliant job each quarter. We make sure that we give back to the community and the environment through our Charity Group and our Green Team. We also know how to have fun – the Ministry of Fun organise lots of great entertainment for us throughout the year!

We Shine

ShineWe give everyone at Cosine the opportunity to develop and take their career as far as they want to. Coaching and development are fundamental to the way we work and that’s why we are proud of our Investors in People accreditation and our ‘Shine’ personal development programmes.

Through Shine, everyone receives a bespoke programme of training and development that supports them to be the best they can be.

Because we also know that development is something that happens every day on the job, all of our managers in the field and our sales support centre are trained to coach. This means, in conjunction with our management toolkit, that they are equipped to develop the people in their teams and help them unlock their full potential.

We believe there are no barriers at Cosine for those with the motivation, drive and energy to succeed.

Understanding what makes us tick

As part of the Shine programme, we use Insights personality profiling. This helps us to understand our own styles of working and how we can adapt our approach to work better with others.

It’s a tool that uses colours to describe different personality types and working styles. It’s now embedded within our culture, fostering a really collaborative working environment where we take time to understand each other and work better together.

Be the Best Boss

We pride ourselves in maximising the potential of our people through our Managers.

All of our managers, from Board Directors through to our Field-based Managers receive a targeted programme of management development training to ensure that they have the skills and the behaviours to get the best from their teams.

They also have an comprehensive management toolkit to help our managers get the best from their people. Every tool is practical and focussed on getting results and everyone has 1:1 time with their manager each month to discuss their personal development.

Don’t take our word for it!

You don’t have to take our word for it that Cosine is a great place to work, our employee survey scores speak for themselves.

We always ask people if they are proud to work for us. This year we scored 4.3 out of 5 for this question – an amazing achievement.