Retail Audit Solutions

Ground-breaking Audit Solutions and category management tools
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Working with clients we provide extensive store-level fixture intelligence to help sales directors, brand and category managers increase their sales at the point of purchase.

Audit Planogram Compliance

We’re helping clients in the fight for distribution, availability, promotional compliance and display space by providing them with detailed fixture intelligence to help them measure the implementation success of their retailer agreements. Our dedicated team of nationwide auditors conduct retail assessments on a weekly basis.

Average planogram compliance in UK retail is 80% and using our Audit Category Precision service an increase in 10% category compliance can drive an average annual category sales increase of 8%*. For some leading FMCG clients that we’ve worked with compliance has been as low as 50% – 60%, offering and even great sales opportunity if compliance is fixed.
*Source : ISI network and NARMS (National Ass. Of Retail Marketing Services)

We work with brands to give them a clear picture of actual space in store; using our market-leading scanning technology we provide a visual representation of actual fixture space by brand. Our insight can be used to support range reviews and commercial terms.

Audit Retail Space Analytics

Our sophisticated Audit Analytics service can provide sales directors and category managers with more quantitative context as a comparison to their brand’s share of space in store. Our service provides insights on share of space versus your competitors and the value of lost sales as a result of inadequate space.

Audit Consumer Insight

With our Audit Consumer Insight service we are able to provide clients with a qualitative view on what shoppers think about their brand at point of purchase and how the fixture is or isn’t influencing their purchase decisions. Through our panel of shoppers we are able gain quick anecdotal, image and video insight into your level of brand influence in-store versus competitors. We can provide you with feedback on how your packaging is enticing shoppers to buy your brand and provide market context around competitors’ activity in store.