Retail Merchandising & Sales Teams

Dedicated grocery & high-street teams that maximise presence in store and connect your brand with shoppers
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Training & sales development programmes

Our contracted and dedicated sales teams are experts in training and building strong relationships with the retail staff that sell your products to shoppers. Our teams understand how to influence and increase brand advocacy to raise awareness and ultimately increase sales. We work in partnership with brands to develop long term advocacy-led programmes that drive sales of their brand through retail staff training and continual improvement in compliance, resulting in overall higher levels of retailer engagement. Our frequent visits to the same retail outlets ensures your brand is best placed to convert shoppers to buy, through maximised in store presence and retail store staff that are able to sell the benefits of your brand to the consumers, thanks to our training programmes.

Our highly skilled field sales teams are recruited for their natural advocacy towards brands and have in-depth knowledge of the category they are working in. We successfully recruit tight profile teams that range from semi-professional and keen amateur sports fanatics to mobile phone geeks. Our on-line social recruitment strategy and video recruitment methods enable us to find the very best field ambassadors to represent your brand. Find out more about our views on how to develop advocacy.

Optimising distribution and sales

If you need support in growing sales of your brand or need to increase your market share fast, we can help by using our dedicated field sales teams to negotiate increased distribution for your products. One of the ways we do this is via independent and convenience van sales operations, working in either a tightly defined geographic region or nationally to provide substantial competitive advantage. We achieve impressive results for the brands we support and distribution can be increased significantly.

In store retail merchandising

Increasing sales through maximised in-store presence.

  • Availability
  • Distribution
  • Promotion compliance

Lots of brands ask us to support them with improving; the availability and presence of their products in store, increasing the levels of promotional compliance and correcting any planogram and stock issues, all of which result in reduced sales. These activities combined are called Merchandising. Truly effective merchandising is all about the skill of the field team; our teams have in-depth knowledge of store systems, store protocols and are experts in building strong relationships with store staff and training them, all essential to building sales and loyalty for your brand. Our teams have the know-how to drive availability and distribution levels, and also make sure the retail agreements you have in place are compliant.

And because we work in retail and grocery every day you can be confident that we will make a positive impact on your sales and deliver a strong return on your investment.