Product Sampling & Demonstrations

Our award winning consumer engagement programmes inspire customers to try and buy your products
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If you have a brand that is newly ranged or is a line extension, or simply needs more standout in retail, sampling and demonstration programmes are an excellent way to instantly increase consumer awareness and sales at point of purchase. Sampling is used to cut through the ‘noise’ of advertising and in-store promotions, through a face-to-face more human approach to encouraging shoppers to try for the first time or perhaps revisit a brand they’ve forgotten. Sampling is effective because it interrupts the grind of the usual shopping list, rises above the ‘noise’, allowing us to talk about your brand messages in real-life context.

Retailer sampling programmes

We also work with retailers to develop branded and own brand sampling programmes that generate significant sales uplift and deliver a positive return on investment. Our expertise in managing sales team to sell sampling days to brands and in-house category teams, coupled with our sampling ambassador management capability means that Cosine is one of the UK’s leading providers of sampling operations.


Our skilled and influential brand ambassadors are trained to bring to life key features and benefits of non-food brands through demonstrations in store, whether the stores are grocery, convenience, department or electrical stores. Our expertise spans from health and beauty products to more complex and technical electrical goods.

Insight Led Store Selection

Our highly structured, insight-led approach to store selection for sampling means that it’s possible to highlight the best stores, the best aisles, even the best 5 minutes of the day in which to reach a brand’s target audience and our knowledge of grocery retailer’s marketing calendars means we can integrate your sampling into themed store events.