Telephone Solutions

Telephone customer engagement and lead generation
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If you’re looking for an efficient way to follow-up face-to-face sales calls and to maintain advocacy levels between sales visits then our telephone solutions service could be the right solution for you.

Lead Generation

Our team of personable and persuasive telephone sales ambassadors provide clients with a costs effective feeder route for face-to-face activity, providing teams on the street with leads that have been proven to support an increased strike rate in sales operations.

The lead information generated by our telephone solutions team is used to determine the contact strategy for field teams; using location and potential value insights collected from our telephone calls.

We operate both stand-alone telephone lead generation activity and also telephone lead generation integrated with field sales campaigns.

Welcome Activation

If you need to assess effectiveness of face-to-face sales activity and ensure advocacy has been developed during this process, our teams can be utilised to collect feedback and insights on compliance issues and best practice, to feed into improving the sales process.

More complex sales often require a customer awareness call after the initial sale to drive retailer / business awareness and encourage initial usage of the product sold. Our teams are trained on how to activate customer sales to speed up initial product uptake.